Gift Of Health Special

Gift Of Health Special
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New Year New You

Two “Gift of Health” certificates for the price of one.-$99
Mutual commitment + mutual purpose - Get it done! You & your buddy or loved one.
All packages include:
1) Meridian Energy Analysis- determine the underlying causes of bodily imbalances and get a better understanding of why and how you are functioning.

Option #1
For those interested in weight loss-
2) Weight loss coaching and diet plan options.
3) Hypnotherapy session for weight loss.
4) 1 Vitamin B injection
5) Acupuncture or laser point therapy

Option #2
Freedom from Smoking, our nationally known quit smoking addiction strategy and get
1) Meridian Energy Analysis
2) Introductory Acupuncture or Laser Treatment
3) Overview of our Freedom from Smoking or other chemical dependency programs.
4) Freedom from Smoking Hypnotherapy treatment.

Option #3
Chronic Pain Treatment
1)Meridian Body Analysis
2) Acupuncture or Laser Treatment
3) Pain/Stress reduction Hypnotherapy Session

B12 Gift Pack

B12 Gift Pack
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Buy 6 B-12 shots for a friend or loved one.
Get 3 free for yourself!

***retail value of $180***

Within a couple of days of receiving a B12 injection, many people experience an increase in their energy level and stamina. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin not reliably absorbed by the stomach or intestinal tract, so an injectable form of the vitamin was developed. Common benefits reported by participants include improved sleep, reduced allergies, reduced stress and depression, improved mood, and less frequent or severe headaches. Vitamin B12 injections contribute to healthier immune systems, and is an essential B vitamin needed to form red blood cells and for proper brain and spinal cord function.