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Dr. Arthur Rapkin O.M.D. L.A.C. Dipl. AC. C.H.

Over 30 Years of Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Experience


As a young boy, Arthur Rapkin had chronic health problems. At age ten he was paralyzed by a mysterious medical condition. While hospitalized, traditional medical administration of drugs proved ineffective. Through fasting and change of diet, Arthur healed his condition. He knew there was a better way.

As a teenager, Arthur became interested in practicing Kenpo karate. While a student, he apprenticed under Asian masters. He discovered an appreciation for Chinese philosophy, health and lifestyle principles. He later traveled extensively and as a young man lived in three countries. These experiences changed his life and led him to further pursue his formal academic education into acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Dr. Arthur Rapkin graduated from Southwest Acupuncture School and received his doctorate from the Northern Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine. He has practiced herbal medicine for twenty years and has personally conducted over eighty five thousand patient visits. The Vitality Health & Wellness Center was created to assure the highest quality of natural health care is available to the Milwaukee community.

Art speaks frequently to groups about acupuncture and alternative health solutions. As an industry leader, Dr. Rapkin is a coach and consultant to organizations providing stress reduction practices. Dr. Rapkin teaches “The Qi of Business” and his strategies have been implemented into many organizations helping thousands of employees. Dr. Rapkin’s goals include creating higher intentions toward personal healthcare and having a positive influence and impact on organizational and community health.

My personal testimonial to how powerful health strategies can be. When I was age fifty, I went through one of the worst times of my life. I was working at my other profession as an organizational leadership development coach and consultant. I had several large companies as clients including American Medical and Wisconsin Electric. These were sources of large revenues and stress. My personal life was full of stress as well. My marriage was ending in divorce and my mother was dying. My immune system broke down and I had several serious, health concerns. I was diagnosed with lung cancer, chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and vasculitis and told by the doctors that it was likely that I would not live to see my children grow up. I weighed 196 pounds and had a belly that measured 40 inches. I made the decision to stop what I was doing and begin to implement new strategies into my daily life.

I am currently sixty -four years and all of my children are grown up. I am in better health now than I was in my fifties and even my forties. I weigh 170 pounds vs the 196 I weighed then. I have a 32 inch waist instead of a 40 inch waist. Any and all testing, including a heart scan and blood tests show that I am in optimal health. I feel amazing and have totally eliminated any cancer within my body and restored optimal functions in every area of my health including sexual function, which was severely impaired in my fifties. I have discovered the secrets of longevity, combining several critical strategies, including, acupuncture, consuming premium fuel and taking high grade, high tech supplements. I am able to see a full day of patients and enjoy going out in the evening as well full of energy and personal vitality. I truly believe that by using three major strategies: Diet; the loading of premium fuel into my cells and organs, Acupuncture, and it’s incredible effects that it has to hack into the body’s processes and upgrade all systems to optimal function and the use of high grade, high tech supplementation.